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  • Nancy is a Science Hero

    Nominated by 31 of peers, Dr Nancy Endersby- Harshman has won the Behind the Scenes Invitrogen Science Hero Award.

  • Gutted by bad gut bugs

    As the year draws to an end, are you feeling tired, and run down? Do you feel like you could sleep for a week and that you’ve reached the limit of your energy?

  • Making molecules dance by DNP and celebrating the arrival of the ‘gyrotron’

    On the 14 December 2016 Prof Frances Separovic, Bio21 and School of Chemistry, Dr Luke O’Dell, Deakin University, Dr Marc-Antoine Sani and Dr David Keizer, Bio21 and a team from Bruker all gathered in the Magnetic Resonance facility to celebrate the installation of the DNP-NMR at Bio21.

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