Ary Hoffmann


The Hoffmann lab focuses on three main areas of research:

  • Climatic Stress - to find traits that enable adaptation to climatic stress, and to understand the genetic basis of these traits;
  • Biomonitoring - to develop methods for the early and unambiguous detection and monitoring of environmental stress;
  • Applied - to develop better ways of controlling pest species.

In understanding the main issues and mechanisms involved with adaptation of organisms to stress, we are then able to make informed management decisions to industry and the community.

Techniques include: molecular population markers, ecological community assessments, pesticide assays, quantitative genetic analyses, molecular species markers and single gene assessments.

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Ary Hoffmann Bio

Professor Hoffmann received his PhD from La Trobe University in 1984 and held positions at La Trobe University before moving to the University of Melbourne in 2005. In 2000, he gained a grant from the ARC to establish a Special Research Centre, the Centre for Environmental Stress and Adaptation Research (CESAR) of which he was director. In 2004, he was elected to the Australian Academy of Science and has been awarded a Federation Fellowship. Ary is an ARC Laureate Fellow and Research Director for the Victorian Centre for Aquatic Pollution Identification and Management (CAPIM). His research addresses the way organisms (and in particular insects) evolve to deal with environmental stresses. His research is also directed at developing new methods of controlling insect pests and new ways of using genetic markers to monitor environmental changes.

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Hoffmann Research Group

Research Staff

  • Adam Miller
  • Alen Rako
  • Andrew Weeks
  • Angela Corrie
  • Ann Stocker
  • Ashley Callahan
  • Aston Arthur
  • Gordana Rasic
  • Isabel Velnzuela
  • Jason Axford
  • Jen Shirriffs
  • Kelly Richardson
  • Lea Rako
  • Linda Thomson
  • Mark Schultz
  • Melissa Carew
  • Michael Nash
  • Michelle Schiffer
  • Nancy Endersby
  • Paul Umina
  • Sara Long
  • Vanessa White
Research students

  • Angali Goundar

  • Claire Prowse-Wilkins

  • Clare D'Alberto

  • Ginger Yah

  • Heng Lin Yeap

  • Ian Smith

  • Jane Gower

  • Julian Drummond

  • Jess M'Baya

  • Manaswini Parida

  • Matt Hill

  • Megan Hirst

  • Natalia Chodelski

  • Peter Kriesner

  • Peter Mee

  • Rahul Rane

  • Yidi Ng

  • Yoshi Endo

  • Yuli Rochmijati




  • Jason Sexton, USA

  • Sandra Hangartner, Switzerland

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In the News 

  • No sex please, we're insect pests - CESAR, Bio21 study shows argicultural environments force insects to reproduce asexually. This may provide methods for controlling their damaging effects. Uni of Melbourne Media Release, Wednesday 23 July 2008.
  • Professor Ary Hoffmann and Dr Michael Kearney discuss the effect of climate change on biodiversity, and how our quality of life could be adversely afftected. Uni of Melbourne Up Close Podcast, Episode 65 with host Shane Huntington.

Ary Hoffmann


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