The Bio21 Institute is committed to developing industry networks and partnerships. This includes substantial collaborations with major instrument companies, industry Research and Development (R&D) partnerships and space for start-up companies in the Institute's business incubator.

By facilitating strong industry links, the Institute can provide further opportunities for members, from the mentorship for young researchers, the identification of potential technology transfer and commercialisation outcomes that benefit the broader community.

The Bio21 Institute has strategic relationships with a range of industry tenants, from the R&D group of Australia's largest biopharmaceutical company, CSL Limited, to start-up companies residing in the Institute's Incubator.

Current industry tenants





CSL's Research & Development Group focus on therapeutic discovery.






The Chemistry Research and Development Laboratory of Prana Biotechnology Limited develops disease modifying therapeutics for the treatment of common neurological disorders, with a focus on Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntington's disease.

The Women's Hospital Centre for Women's Infectious Diseases conducts clinical research and cutting edge molecular diagnostics in the research areas of reproductive and sexual health, and neonatal  infectious diseases.

Past industry tenants

BioScreen Medical - Microbial diagnostics.

Sienna Cancer Diagnostics - Molecular biomarkers for specific tumours.