Infections and related diseases

Bio21 Institute researchers and Institute affiliates collaborate in working towards advancing human health through early diagnosis and discovery of new treatments of infections and related diseases. Research includes:

  • Human pathogens

Research groups include: Malcolm McConville (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology);

  • Oral health and microbial diseases

Research groups include: Eric Reynolds (Dental Science);

  • Gastrointestinal microbiology

Research groups include: Bioscreen (Bio21 Incubator company);

  • Viral and autoimmune diseases

Research groups include: Paul Gleeson and Ian van Driel (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology);

  • Transmissible prion and related neurotoxic diseases

Research groups include: Andrew Hill (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology); Roberto Cappai and Kevin Barnham (Pathology)

  • Sheep pathogens (Centre for Animal Biotechnology, Veterinary Science Faculty)
  • Antibiotic synthesis and characterisation

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